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ATS Power Chucks : Ultimate Chuckô Model UC2

High performance quick jaw change chuck for the shop running small batches

  • The Solution for First Operation Chucking
    • A few sets of jaws quickly adjust to cover a wide diameter range
    • Change, adjust or reverse all three jaws in one minute
    • 1/4 turn wrench, no T-nuts or bolts
    • Adjust hard jaws in and out to any diameter
    • Only three sets of "Deep Bite Job Shop" hard jaws cover full grip range OD and ID
      • Stop using inadequate grip soft jaws for roughing operations
      • "Deep Bite Job Shop Jaws" transmit torque for maximum metal removal
  • The Solution for Second Operation Chucking
    • Eliminate Soft Jaw Reboring
    • Save 45 minutes of changeover downtime
    • Bore jaws only once, store for weeks or months, reinstall with 0.0005" TIR guaranteed without reboring (7" to 12" chucks, 16" chuck 0.0007" TIR)
  • Monoblock Soft Jaws
    • Double ended - bore each end for a different part
    • Premium alloy steel - lasts much longer
    • No bolts to interfere with gripping surface
    • Quick change
  • Additional Benefits
    • Ultimate Chuckô wedge bar design allows 25% higher spindle speeds
    • Ultimate Chuckô maintains 65% of starting grip force at maximum rated RPM.
      • Common chucks maintain only 30% even at their lower rated RPM
  • Full custom packages installed on your lathe by ATS engineers
  • Two year warranty with ATS installation
  • Womb-to-tomb support by local ATS Service Engineer
  • Optional High-Low hydraulic systems available



When using any quick jaw change chuck with hard jaws, it is essential that the cylinder on your lathe produces a jaw stroke that is longer by some amount than the pitch of the jaw adjustment.  Without this "overlap" you will have dead spots in the gripping range.  Ats may assist to determine the actual jaw stroke with the cylinder you intend to use. Ats systems can supply a cylinder to provide the full maximum stroke per jaw.  Be carful when considering competitive chuck models.  The Ultimate Chuck typically has 15% - 25% longer jaw strokes and provides safe hard jaw operation with most common cylinders.


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